04 August 2010

... on women... to women... for women...

I know a lot of women who continue to inspire the nation and many households in Azania, however, I feel I have to be bold enough to admit;
even though sistahs have shown to possess the skill and knack to accumulate 'cheese' and other artifacts of modern civilization,
women (as a collective), have a long way to walk before finally overcoming the pervese masculine domination meted against them by ignorant niggaz like me.

In virtually all animate creatures, the survival of the family genes is the responsibility of their female kind.
Females, whether they be lions, ants, flies, african wild dogs, elephants and other creatures I've been lucky enough to observe or read on, are more successful and industrious food-gatherers than their male counterparts.
In fact, by instinct, when we seek nourishment we turn to a 'mother-figure'.

The animal and insect species, sans the lion, are led by a strong alpha-female, but when you look at human beings; that phenomenon is almost constrasted.
In modern and previous civilizations alike, women have been denied any place of prominence in society.
Popular cultures and religions are based on gender discrimination whereby a woman's role is to serve a nigga's interests; however pervese those might be.

Even though common sense may suggest that Jah is a formless, omnipresent and therefore omnipotent nameless being(cannot be contain'd in a single definitive word), people are encouraged to imagine a blue-eyed bearded man to whom to direct their prayers.

With all that said, the road to real emancipation might be longer for sistahs, but we'll walk with them.

Kaiza Gongxeka


  1. how did this end-up here?.....lol

  2. i think its a lil something known as technology, Kaiza Gongxeka!


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