12 November 2010

Poets Paradise Male Poets Gender based Violence Project

Hellow fam.This is a first post on this blog about the Lesotho Poetry Sphere.
I am more than delighted to present here part of what Lesotho poets have been doing in castigating against Gender Based violence.Poets Paradise is a Weekly Mail newspaper(free Lesotho weekly) poetry column coordinated by a poet for poets.The following poems are but part of the poems that were published under the column's Gender Based violence project which was only open to male poets.The idea behind allowing only male poets was not to segregate or whatsoever but rather to inspire, trigger male poets to stand up and castigat other males who abuse.



Published under Weekly Mail Poets Paradise Male Poets project 2010

The lick of his torture tongue aggravates the pain

Like she has lungs immersed in blood, she coughs Hurts,

exhales the agony through her eyes.

May tries so hard to erect barriers of defense

But only with liquid self-confidence,

then Step-grand father has already jumped the boarders

And invaded the territory of this virgin heart,

His verbal barbed wire strips the flesh

From her self-esteem and breaks her back-bone

Leaving blood oozing from the wounds within

Every night hell breaks loose with ‘the supreme

Demon’ caressing her thighs and breasts,

Reading through ‘her book’ that she once promised

Herself to keep it closed until she reaches twenty one.

Her interior landscapes polluted by fear toxins

She inhales from the monster figure’s atmosphere,

She keeps her mouth absolutely shut.

She has no one to cry to because: her grand mother

Ceased to exist when May was six,

on her Father’s family she is a rejected seed,

And her father died when she was conceived

While her mother passed on during her Birth time.

”I guess life is mean, she said”.

Every day she is dressed in tears with

Nile eroding her facial make up,

Hiding her hurts and fears with a Fake fragile smile,

but analyzing the Situation through her eyes,

even a blind man Could see that deep down she is lost soul.

Abhorrence woven into every fabric of her thoughts,

She is disgusted by every glimpse of him,

and how She hates his hands invading her private faculties!

The lick of his torture tongue aggravates the pain

Like she has her lungs immersed in blood,

she Exudes hurts, and exhales the agony through her eyes!

Being tongue-tied and introvert,

silence murders May’s self-worth crushes it into fine fragments,

She is emotionally cold, and so is the name.

She writes sad episodes of her life, trying to find a healing

For the misery the future is about to unfold,

As the destiny the heavens are about to unfold.

Internally bleeding, turning emotionally cold At the age of thirteen

longing for happiness She once tasted as a child of six.

Survival is tougher than that of the seeds

That fell on concrete streets.

She decides to be bold, and takes the matter to the police,

Guess what she gets from the police officer!

A sense of relief – one would think, not exactly that

But her heart-rending experience is exacerbated,

Like step-grand dad, he too forces himself

On her as to ‘harden the evidence’.

Indeed she was born from the sorry side

She thinks of choosing the grave over life

By committing suicide; because the hand that once Protected her

and nurtured her is the hand that finally Molested her.

On second thoughts, she makes a phone Call to the toll free number: 0800 05 5555,

Lays and presses charges of abuse and rape,

Being the person she is talking to

I totally decide to find her psychiatric treatment,

Lock the monsters up, offer them prison cells

As their lifetime homes ’cause that’s where they belong.

It’s upon ordinary people like you and I to eradicate

This kind of behavior from our lives’ scenes


MPOBA is a member of Poets Alive Crew(PAC)a Lesotho male only poetry group

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In The Name Of The Most High Be Blessed


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