18 August 2010

Black Woman

by Ko-fi Anane-Kyeremeh

You shine like a diamond in the sun.
Your smile like a meandering stream carrying a message.
Your rotund hips and bottom, like plumpy yams
Glazed and blazing eyes, like the sun.
I wonder on those marble teeth,
Or those twists of woven hair.

Your beauty tells a tale of long ago,
When our creator and maker
Decided to craft you.
Black Woman.

A jewel in the palace,
A pearl in the ocean,
A medal of beauty hangs around your neck.

Your skin; black and glassy,
Smoother than a tiger’s fur.
You are a black woman.

I’ve seen men wrestle and fight with their life,
Counting themselves worthy of you.
It makes me laugh out loud.
What a waste of strength.

If this be not true,
I’ll be darned,
But she glorifies beauty
She graces affection and sanity.
She cures with a simple smile

Black woman, what is your name?
From which village do you hail?
What is the name of the woman
In whose womb you were fashioned
Or the man, who initiated your design?
Tell me where your heart is hidden, black woman.
Who are those who crave for you?

Joyous, gallant, beautiful, amazing.
Black Woman!


  1. When I look upon a beautiful black woman (like the woman I love- Joyce Aggrey) i know that true beauty and elegance exists. Ii am very joyous that the creator, when making black women, gave them all the great and exquisite features. The curves and so on.......

    I am glad I can actually put this down on paper


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