09 June 2011


Hatred be a train travelling on a rail without lubrication

If you travel in it, you loose your sense of being plus common sense

Before its abusive lips kiss the lips of its final destination

You live life constrained by conditions

Like a prisoner released on probation

Soak your heart in ice-blocks of retaliation

Such that the moon dances with the sun

Your world turns upside-down

As your self-inflicted misery rapes you all night(s) long

Impregnates you with brutal brutality of your home-brewed bitterness

You Gain Nothing by Hating People

08 June 2011

Encounters Movie Festival 2011

Back for our cinematic pleasure is the Encounters South African International Documentary Festival in its 13th year. As always the festival shows an array of lifestyles and this year they have again splashed in two documentaries that will be of interest to queer cinema lovers.

G-Spotting: A Story of Pleasure and Promise looks at the mystery of the Grafenberg Spot and the debate about it's existence along with the expectations and controversy around the G-Spot.

Glitterboys and Ganglands gives us an intimate look at the Miss Gay Western Cape pageant and brings us into the lives of some of the contestants taking us onto a heart warming journey of the day to day lives of the lovely queens. Director Lauren Beukes has just won the Arthur C Clarke award for her scifi novel Zoo City too.

There will be panel discussions and question and answer sessions for both movies.

The festival kicks off on the 9th of June and rolls on til the 26th, so be sure to catch the above two and other offerings on the programme.
For more info visit www.encounters.co.za
and you can also check out trailers of the doccies on the Encounters facebook page, www.facebook.com/EncountersDocFest

Newsletter June/ Youth Month 2011

Warm greetings Poets and Writers and supporters of African literature!!

Hope you all are keeping the literature fires burning wherever you may be right now. It is June, and Winter has arrived – with a vengeance, in the South! It is also the month when we commemorate the brave students of the year 1976, they UNITED together against the enemy – an oppressive government.

What about us, the present day youth and future leaders? Can we shape the future in order to create a just and safe world for all humans, and the environment? Make your indelible mark visible through your words which will remain with the present and future readers. In other words, WRITE!
We remember the departed spirits of Mama Albertina Nontsikelelo Sisulu, and Gil Scott-Heron, most remembered for his poetic genius. One of his acclaimed works is: The Revolution will not be televised. (Yes, it was Tweeted.)

Poetry at the tip of your fingers: check out the newly launched Poetry Potion mobile site on your cell phone, www.poetrypotion.mobi Poetry Potion also has embarked on the daily writing prompts to flex your poetic muscle. Check out the site for further details.

For the New Beginnings theme for the upcoming AfroConscious vol. 2, Moses Shimo Seletisha has translated the short story: The Rebirth of Kweku Ananse by Kofi Anane Kyremeh.

The theme for June “youth month” is the YOUTH. Please click the link for a piece that was featured on AfroConscious vol.1: http://uwritewhatulike.blogspot.com/2011/06/lest-we-forget-vuyokazi-yonke.html

It’s always good to practice your skill and get critique on it to see your growth. The Afrikan Poets & Writers wall and discussion board are still open for YOU to share your writings/ ideas/ suggestions and rand thoughts! If you have any literature centred news/event/project you want to spread, paste it to the wall for exposure and it may get a mention in the newsletter.

What are you reading at the moment? Pick out from the wide selection of available African literature and curl up with a good book. READ, and WRITE what YOU like!

Yours in literature,

The Hall of Fame