26 November 2010

VACANCY: Editor for a MultiMedia Publisher

Remuneration: R20000 - R25000 per month basic salary

Province: Gauteng

Job description

Our client a leading South African multi-media magazine Publisher, Conference and Exhibition company focused on Building Services, Building Design and Mining Industry sectors is Looking for an editor to manage the specific editorial of publications, ensuring editorial is supplied on time, meeting the high standards of the publication and industry requirements making the business a success. Get involved and maintain good working relationships within the industry, used to obtain good quality editorial for all the publications and the implementation of editorial policy. To be the person all industry players know and associate with the client successful publications further opening up opportunities for the development of current and possible publications.

Dynamic motivated individual with a design and creative interest to take new publications to the next level.

Implement and maintain a minimum of four month publication planning and delivery of material to ensure deadlines are met four issues ahead
In conjunction with group editor and prepare and document six monthly strategic views on all the publications, ensuring the strategy is successfully implemented
Produce the quality of material for the print and online publications ensuring relevance, accuracy, quality, truthfulness and innovative
Responsible to collate and pull all info together to ensure a complete publication within agreed timeline
Check all work submitted by the department before submission to layout
Proactively review the look and feel of the publications to maintain market leaders
Pro-actively liaise with production and layout departments in order to achieve the job function.
Proof and edit all editorial prior to being published
Attend editorial and operational meetings and ensure accurate reporting on progress of publication.
Co-ordinate contributors (Staff writers and external contributors) where applicable and their output for the specific industry/publication in line with departmental and company strategy maintaining the highest quality required by the company and the industry
Define and document staff measurement in line with company goals
policies and strategy revised annually
Define and document staff development criteria
Verbally and in writing continually assess staff as per company policy against the measurement and development agreed to
Implement / maintain and enhance required controls and processes within the department to create efficiency and effectiveness of the output of the editorial department in line with company policies and procedures
Implement all required incentives, corrective action and performance management as required including the initiation of disciplinary action
Document and recruit staff per the requirements following all necessary company policies
Proactively and continuously assess department capacity, implementing necessary actions to minimise the impact to staff, department and the company
Review and Sub-Edit ALL work supplied by department ensuring the correctness, accuracy, relevance legality
Implement and report on metrics for the department monthly management meeting

Online Publishing

Edit online articles
Administration and management of online content and users
Increase and Develop online readers / community / users
Interaction between sales and editorial for developing and maintaining online advertising
Define and carry out online publishing requirements as required by directors


Excellent technical writing / editorial
Staff management (where applicable)
Information sourcing and correct interpretation skills
Organisational and planning skills
Administration skills
Building of positive long lasting working relations associated with job function
Decision maker

Contact details: New Media Talent, info@newmediatalent.co.za

Drought-Striken Captain

This poem was published under the Weekly Mail Poet’s Paradise early 2009
under the name Gender Based Violence


Their plane was ready for departure
To lick and caress the smooth runaway
The runway woven from spontaneous agreements
The husband the captain, the wife the assistant
They repelled their plane from the ground
Long in the air, like airborne pollutants
The plane’s nose no longer moved horizontally
Dressed with a calm mind, fed by an organized conscience
The assistant attempted to neutralize his acidity
But was constantly reminded who the captain was

Her nose was whipped with smell of rotten communication
Yet dressed with a calm mind, plane had to be back in order
Repeatedly kissed by salty lips of poor translating skills
The captain set ablaze the handouts of advice
Inhaled the flames, then boosted his fits
For in his boardroom, suggestions and objections
Translated to an insult to his integrity
Good thing English wasn’t his major at varsity

His fists consumed her face repeatedly
Sucked blood from the eyes, tears from the nose
Yet her face carried no bruises or scars
He smoked the cigarette of triumph
As the blood sucked collected into a well
Evaporated into air her lungs refused to process

The veins of his brutal mentality enlarged
The skin of his gun grew greedier
Lethally injected the breasts of her personality
That once fed his best interests
That once strengthened the bones of his self esteem
His non-metallic gun raped her positivity
For his bullets were words
Nothing destroys as angry, brutal words!

Yet still the plane had to be back in order
He continued caressing the thighs of failure
As cockpit buttons fueled sparks of confusion
Traffic controllers bellowed this and that
What success was guaranteed?
He was deafened by the wall of his stubbornness

Filled to capacity with trash he exhaled
Fingers of her pain transformed to a lion’s teeth
Chewed the safety belts of “till death do us part”
Two steps back, out of the cockpit
Escorted by the parachute of acceptance
Poor woman headed for safety
For she realized and accepted
The punch of bitter words sends you into a coma
Paralyze your inner being, inner beauty
Nothing destroys as angry, brutal words!

An onlooker couldn’t help but ask,
Who the hell taught this captain how to fly?
Couldn’t help but wish sunshine upon darkness he breathed
And said, let the captain splash into the ocean
The sharks bite him not with their tooth
But with the sharp blunt truth
That he be no different from a rapist
That no problem is solved by a problem
Or else the solution will be as useless, pointless
As abusing a woman!

©Sechaba Keketsi

12 November 2010

Poets Paradise Male Poets Gender based Violence Project

Hellow fam.This is a first post on this blog about the Lesotho Poetry Sphere.
I am more than delighted to present here part of what Lesotho poets have been doing in castigating against Gender Based violence.Poets Paradise is a Weekly Mail newspaper(free Lesotho weekly) poetry column coordinated by a poet for poets.The following poems are but part of the poems that were published under the column's Gender Based violence project which was only open to male poets.The idea behind allowing only male poets was not to segregate or whatsoever but rather to inspire, trigger male poets to stand up and castigat other males who abuse.



Published under Weekly Mail Poets Paradise Male Poets project 2010

The lick of his torture tongue aggravates the pain

Like she has lungs immersed in blood, she coughs Hurts,

exhales the agony through her eyes.

May tries so hard to erect barriers of defense

But only with liquid self-confidence,

then Step-grand father has already jumped the boarders

And invaded the territory of this virgin heart,

His verbal barbed wire strips the flesh

From her self-esteem and breaks her back-bone

Leaving blood oozing from the wounds within

Every night hell breaks loose with ‘the supreme

Demon’ caressing her thighs and breasts,

Reading through ‘her book’ that she once promised

Herself to keep it closed until she reaches twenty one.

Her interior landscapes polluted by fear toxins

She inhales from the monster figure’s atmosphere,

She keeps her mouth absolutely shut.

She has no one to cry to because: her grand mother

Ceased to exist when May was six,

on her Father’s family she is a rejected seed,

And her father died when she was conceived

While her mother passed on during her Birth time.

”I guess life is mean, she said”.

Every day she is dressed in tears with

Nile eroding her facial make up,

Hiding her hurts and fears with a Fake fragile smile,

but analyzing the Situation through her eyes,

even a blind man Could see that deep down she is lost soul.

Abhorrence woven into every fabric of her thoughts,

She is disgusted by every glimpse of him,

and how She hates his hands invading her private faculties!

The lick of his torture tongue aggravates the pain

Like she has her lungs immersed in blood,

she Exudes hurts, and exhales the agony through her eyes!

Being tongue-tied and introvert,

silence murders May’s self-worth crushes it into fine fragments,

She is emotionally cold, and so is the name.

She writes sad episodes of her life, trying to find a healing

For the misery the future is about to unfold,

As the destiny the heavens are about to unfold.

Internally bleeding, turning emotionally cold At the age of thirteen

longing for happiness She once tasted as a child of six.

Survival is tougher than that of the seeds

That fell on concrete streets.

She decides to be bold, and takes the matter to the police,

Guess what she gets from the police officer!

A sense of relief – one would think, not exactly that

But her heart-rending experience is exacerbated,

Like step-grand dad, he too forces himself

On her as to ‘harden the evidence’.

Indeed she was born from the sorry side

She thinks of choosing the grave over life

By committing suicide; because the hand that once Protected her

and nurtured her is the hand that finally Molested her.

On second thoughts, she makes a phone Call to the toll free number: 0800 05 5555,

Lays and presses charges of abuse and rape,

Being the person she is talking to

I totally decide to find her psychiatric treatment,

Lock the monsters up, offer them prison cells

As their lifetime homes ’cause that’s where they belong.

It’s upon ordinary people like you and I to eradicate

This kind of behavior from our lives’ scenes


MPOBA is a member of Poets Alive Crew(PAC)a Lesotho male only poetry group

Lyrical Bacteria

In The Name Of Poetry Be Inspired
In The Name Of The Most High Be Blessed

10 November 2010

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16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

Call for Submissions: African Women's Millenium Initiative "Share Your Thoughts" 16 Days of Activism Campaign
Deadline: 19 November 2010

Every year since 1991, the time period of November 25 (International Day Against Violence Against Women) to December 10 (International Human Rights Day) has been recognized as the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. Throughout this period, women and youth groups, development practitioners, human rights activists, every day people like you and I, have stood up in their own way to discount gender violence and promote human rights. This year's theme focuses on violence in the context of conflict, and with gruesome instances like the high incidence of rape in Congo, it couldn't come at a better time.

Since its inception in 2005, AWOMI has worked with local African women and youth on issues pertaining to gender violence and human rights. During our biannual Young Women's Knowlegde and Leadership Institute (YOWLI), young activists from Africa and the Diaspora are trained on gender violence issues like rape, female genital mutilation, domestic violence and so on. Such workshops not only help in informing our YOWLI participants and graduates, but also promote story sharing.

YOWLI 2008 participants using silent theatre performances to depict rape during their Gender Violence training

In that vein, AWOMI would like to invite its YOWLI network - past, present (and maybe even future) - partners, and supporters to participate in the AWOMI's "Share Your Thoughts" 16 Days of Activism Campaign by submitting articles, blog posts, videos, commentary on publications, creative writing - anything really - for publication right here on the AWOMI blog.

By sharing your thoughts, experiences, concerns and so on around the theme "Structures of Violence: Defining the Intersections of Militarism and Violence Against Women", particularly as it relates to Africa, you will help put a face and voice to the millions of women who haven't the opportunity to share their stories and realities, and in so doing help reverse the trend.

YOWLI 2008 Participants using silent theatre pieces to depict domestic violence.

Some suggested topics from the 16 Days of Activism official website include:

- Economic consequences of war on women
- Women’s role in peace negotiations, peace-building, diplomacy and decision-making positions
-Abuse of sexual and reproductive rights in conflict situations
-Women and girl’s vulnerability as refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs)
-Environmental contamination by military operations and its consequences for women and children
-Suspension of rule of law and basic human rights in an “emergency”
-Military spending by government – cost-analysis compared to social programs

(For the full list, kindly visit http://16dayscwgl.rutgers.edu/2010-campaign/theme-announcement)

Submission Guidelines:

-All submissions should relate to Africa and/or the Diaspora
-Submissions can be English or French
- Entries should be a maximum of 500-700 words (for written submissions) or 5-7 minutes (for audio and video)
-Please include your full name, age, and nationality with your submission. If you are part of the YOWLI network, include your country chapter and/or year of participation
-Entries should be sent to awomiweb@gmail.com by Friday, November 19 at 12 midnight GMT

We hope to hear from you and look forward to sharing and learning! It takes one person to influence the state of events.

The 16 Days Campaign has been used as an organizing strategy by individuals and groups around the world to call for the elimination of all forms of violence against women by:

* raising awareness about gender-based violence as a human rights issue at the local, national, regional and international levels
* strengthening local work around violence against women
* establishing a clear link between local and international work to end violence against women
* providing a forum in which organizers can develop and share new and effective strategies
* demonstrating the solidarity of women around the world organizing against violence against women
* creating tools to pressure governments to implement promises made to eliminate violence against women

More information here.

U write what U like: Latest Contributor from Lesotho

It's with infinite pleasure to welcome an addition to the U write what U like Fam, Sechaba Keketsi- welcome home!

Who is Sechaba?

Sechaba "Lyrical Bacteria" Keketsi is a well-acclaimed and highly sort after poet in Lesotho. Known for the power with which he spits words in his recitation, the truth in his content, and his ability to blend Sotho with english exceptionally in his poems he is known to many as a gifted spirit and a good breath of poetry.

He harbors a paper column called Poets Paradise in one of the local newspapers.The column is by far the only poetry column in any newpaper in Lesotho; sharing not only his gift but of many other local poets.

He recently launched the Letsibolo Poetry Project - a project exploring the philosophy behind poetry. He is also part of a prominent group of poets called Poetry Farm, and together they work on taking Lesotho's poetry beyond the borders of the Kingdom


Thank you, Sechaba, we look orward to great things from you for Lesotho and Africa!

The Hall of Fame