23 August 2010

Sparkling Women

Facebook, has opened quite a few avenues for me I hadnt even thought of. I was aware of the platform but did not think it would suit me,
I had adopted a negative perception of the socail media. Years later, November 2008, I joined the masses.
The number of strangers that eventually became friends was unexpected. I was fortunate to meet people who shared the same love I have for reading, writing and debate.
I was heavily influenced by them and I was able to tap into an undiscovered well of words within.

The journey in writing led me to sparkling women like Emma Harvey, who went on to publish a collection of poetry by different authors, titled Competing Loves (2009).
On the way I befriended Zinzi Voyiya who introduced me to Cheryl Roberts,who enjoyed my written work and included it in her 2nd and 3rd publication of Sparkling Women.

Who are Sparkling Women?

Sparkling Women is a publication that is compiled by Cheryl Roberts, she publishes the material through her own Havana Media enterprise
and offers the publication for free.
The first Sparkling Women appeared in August 2009, the next appeared in November of the same year.
On the 15th of August I was lucky enough to lay my hands on the third and latest copy.
The publication highlights women in sports, arts, your community member making a difference- you know, your everyday woman.

Who is Cheryl Roberts?

Wentworth, Durban is where this sparkling woman was nurtured. She developed a passion for sports at an early age
and went on to represent South Africa at the Barcelona Olympics.
She has since dedicated her efforts in the development of non-racial sports in disadvantaged communities.
Except for Sparkling Women, Cheryl produces other publications - S.A. Sportswoman and South African Sport.
In these publications she exposes the plight of disadvantaged sports people, she also challenges the male dominated sports media.

Cheryl on the role of women in sports:

"S.A.girls and women want to play Sport. They are bold, beautiful, talented and penniless.
Why do their sport talents go unnoticed in a country which prides itself on gender equality?"

Cheryl on women's day:

"Is today about saying happy
women’s day?
And tomorrow? Happy abuse, oppression and exploitation day?
And the
following months, years and decades?
...Happy women’s struggle?
......women, particularly,
poor, socially disadvantaged, economically exploited and abused women don’t want
happy wishes just for being a woman: they want ...an overhaul of the system that degrades, impoverishes and abuses them."

Cheryl, you are a beacon to the young/old, male/female, needy and affluent.

V.S. Yonke
U write what U like

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  1. excerpts from Sparkling Women 1, and Facebook, and the rest is urs truly :)


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