11 May 2014

SHE by Vuyokazi S Yonke


Golden sun rises with her smile
Constant as layer of blue sky high
Nurturing as Kalahari desert rains
Unmoving as Kilimanjaro plains
Grounded as ancient evergreen trees
Gentle as a tropical sea breeze
Enchanting as elusive blue moon
Beautiful as a fragile rosebud in June
Resourceful as Queen of the jungle
Challenging as an unsolved puzzle
Fierce as crashing Transvaal thunder
Strong as voices unified together
Precious as blushing pink sapphire
Warm as winter's smouldering fire
Natural as bountiful Mother Earth
Valuable as each life giving breath


High Priestess

She rises carrying the hopes of humanity
She smiles conveying joys of femininity
All her efforts encompassed with humility
The beauty within you and in me
The golden sunrise shines with her smile.

11 February 2014

Badilisha Poetry

Badilisha Poetry

You got scribbles hidden away in a book, on a page...maybe waiting for some kind of stage? Looking for a platform to showcase your work???
Well..Badilisha Badilisha Poetry X-Change plays out its vision through Badilisha Radio. The project has been created to encourage and present:

Platforms for the exposure and growth of unheard voices;

Opportunities for established and aspirant poets to engage with each other and their work for mutual benefit through networking and skills transfer;

Diverse genres of poetic expression including performance and multi-media;

Access to wider market places utilising these media; and

Spaces for discussion and debate, as a means to explore and mature the poetic form as a tool for social activism.

Read more below on how to submit!


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