09 August 2010

She is by Mpho Matsitle

Mpho Matsitle
She is…
Alluring in her eyes
Confident in her stride
Captivating in her thoughts
Right in her wrongs

A beaut of note
Too kind to loathe
A forgiving lady
Somehow a lil crazy

She is…
Too sweet for words
Out of this world
An envy of lords
Water to the desert
Part of no regrets
Not one to forget

A fountain of love
Gift from above
Peaceful as doves
Not one to be mean
In goodness has no twin
A true Queen

She is…
Always a highlight
Brings about no fright
Committed in her plight
A champion in her fight
Fair in judgement
A star in entertainment
Not too shy to lament
Not too proud to repent

Pretty immaculate
Oh so great
Never too late
In finding a mate
The one and only
She loves entirely
Gives of herself completely
And most importantly

She is…
In love with me

Mpho Matsitle


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