31 July 2010

Dear writer, rejection letter!

Below are 2 reject letters, one is from an online magazine, another from a well known local publisher.

Reject letter 1

Dear Writer,

Please check our website for what we are interested in.

This is a negative reject letter that doesnt offer much assistance where the writer must improve on and no further avenues to correct what is "incorrect"

Reject letter 2

Dear Writer

Thank you for contacting ABC.

Unfortunately ABC cannot offer to assess and publish your poetry.
ABC is a small company that receives several poetry manuscripts a
month and only publishes two or three collections a year. As a result,
we have decided to no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts.
Instead, we will keep an eye on local literary journals and magazines, and approach
poets ourselves from there.

I'm attaching a list of these magazines which you could approach with
regards to getting some of your work published, as well as a FAQs
document containing information about the types of books ABC publishes
and guidelines on our submissions procedure.
I hope that you find this information helpful.

Wishing you everything of the best with your writing!

>> This is a positive reject letter from a local publisher of new authors who have become household names.
Do not take the rejection as the end, rather an opportunity to build on by improving your craft and stepping up the game.
Do not give up!

We, at U write what U like, would like to open the field to budding poets, a platform to showcase their talents in an effort to get quality work published.
We are inviting poets as well as publishers to drink from the well of poetic talent and to contribute to a literate South Africa!

Keep writing!

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