14 September 2011

Review: Noise by Tsepo Gumbi

BOOK REVIEW: Noise by Tsepo Gumbi
Title: Noise
Author: Tsepo Gumbi
Genre: Illustrated Poetry
Pages: 33, A5 size
Publisher: Botaki Self-Publishing
Year of Publication: 2009
ISBN: 978-0-620-45117

Review by Fezekile Futhwa: Noise

Noise - Illustrated Anthology by Tsepo Gumbi

Noise is a self published work that is both art and poetry in one volume. Tsepo proves to be quite a gifted artist, having illustrated each poem in the book with wonderful art. The artistic side alone makes for a great work, well done.

Noise the poem is liberating, for it captures the essence of being an artist(or poet). We are reminded that thought is the most treasured gift a person has. An unthinking mind is a waste.

The Dream Is Not Dead veberates with hope. It is premised on the truth that the struggle for a better life continues, that the past is not yet dead, the people shall once again rise. For our collective dreams are a future upon which the hope for this country lie.

In Chained Brain, as phrophecising, Tsepo cries for freedom. With the Freedom of Information Bill looming, one wonders how long it is before we cry for freedom. Freedom to think, to express, to dream and to make noise. Freedom of expression must therefore be a basic human right!

Many of the poems in this anthology are captivating and provoking. Noise is indeed what poetry is about: entertainment, lucid, gripping, moving.

A revolution is the stuff born out of non confirming. Revolt urges the young of our society to take up arms, armed in thought. Thinking is the revolutionary engine. Zabalaza, for those on top can never keep us down. We are the uprising, we are the REVOLUTION.

As in Scars, start a new story. Write a new history.

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