10 September 2011

AfroConscious Journal Review - Peter Mahase

I loved the journal in general. Beautiful peace of work! It is amazing how much you learn from just a few pages you read. Good African literature. It also opens a window for fellow African readers to know fellow African writers, well-known and unknown. Good connections can rise from these.

The introduction was quite relevant and eye-opening to any average reader. It made the whole journal worth the reading.

I personally enjoyed the poem, “Ke mo Bonetse”, I wouldn’t mind hearing it performed live on any stage. Even a youtube feature would be quite appeasing. I think it would deliver well in spoken word as much as it did it written verse, if not better. If the poet is a good performance poet, that is. Pass my regards to the poet. Same applies to your poem, Lest We Forget. Let me say, I just have a thing for poetry in vernacular and conscious writings in general.

The Rebirth of Ananse – another highlight! I love the story.

The skill of the writers as well as the authenticity (I believe), makes the journal worth reading. You look forward to the next story because you want to read another different mind. Which is what’s major, if you ask me.

The diversity of the general, also gives a broad selection for different moods/personalities and places.

The content in the journal is quite satisfactory. The major challenge in the journal is with the design and layout. Below I outline the key areas to revisit for the next issue.

Notes of Contributors: I believe it would be resourceful to have contacts (either facebook, twitter, or w-mail contacts of the contributors given there).

Personal: well, as my title says, this one is a bit personal. You may disregard it if you wish. I got the intention of “U Write What You Like” as being about being free to say whatever, whenever, so I didn’t go through Fezekile Futhwa’s poem/article on Christianity as to avoid being offended. I did skim through it though and came through lines such as those where he says Christianity is a commercial religion etc. With all due respect to his opinion, I thought I should say that some of this stuff may be offensive. But if that’s the intent, I have no problem. That means we should be open to take any other criticism of any other religion, race, etc disregarding who is in it. I think freedom of speech should be allowed but we should see the lines of offense as well. Like I said, it’s just my opinion.

The major suggestion I think would be to get someone to work on the layout and design of the whole journal. That is except if it is your field of focus and you want to take on the challenge. 

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