16 September 2011

Kasi Times

Our Slogan: Motivate, Inspire and Empower

Launched in Gauteng on the 28th of May 2010, Kasi Times is a pioneering magazine that seeks to upend social stereotypes of young South Africa. Through business, career, fashion, lifestyle, art and culture, and success stories, we have reintroduced to new ‘young adult’ to South Africa in a vibrant form that had never been seen before: telling our own stories and presenting a colourful, more rounded view of what it means to be modern, forward-thinking and South African in the 21st century.

Kasi Times showcases success stories, aiming to motivate, inspire and empower a new generation of go-getters seeking to make their mark in business, in their careers, and in their lifestyles. It showcases trendsetters and the vivacious lifestyle of young South Africa with all its rich complexities.
Drawn to the notion that every black South African is connected to ekasi in one way or another; it’s one thing that binds us – a thread that grounds us and sets the benchmark of the heights we want to reach in our lives. Our pages reflect the diversity of the black South African, with contributions from all over the country and an inclusive audience that continues to grow exponentially.

Kasi Times lauds the urbanites, the kasi-rooted change-makers, visionaries and all the inspirational men and women who exemplify what it means to be proudly South African in an ever-changing global community.

Breaking the Mould
Unperturbed by globalisation, we are the cosmopolitan South African generation. Spurred on by creative prowess we are rapidly emerging as visionary entrepreneurs, firmly anchored in our culture. We uniquely embody a quiet sophistication, enriched by our shared historical traditions.
Masters on the edge of a cultural revolution, we move beyond a dictated destiny to reach deep within ourselves and cultivate a new generation.
Our new mould is undeniably dynamic, evolving and unequivocally South African without apology. We walk proud, optimistic, our future clearly defined, as South Africans, and burning bright.

We deliver cutting edge information on business and entrepreneurship, health and relationships, personal finance and careers, arts and entertainment, food, fashion and beauty as well as the personal challenges and achievements of young black people. We give our more than 150,000 readers all the information they need and want-from their perspective and in their own voice.
Yet KASI TIMES is more than a magazine. Young people look to us to help them enhance and transform their lives. The information that KASI TIMES provides is life-changing: young people are empowered and, in the process, they advance not only their individual lives but also the quality of life for others. For all these reasons, KASI TIMES has evolved into a publication that embodies the hopes and aspirations of young people.

Each month, KASI TIMES provides a diverse array of articles that offer an in-depth look at issues of particular importance to young South Africa. Our features cover careers, business advice, success stories love and family relationships, fashion, beauty, entertainment, finance, career issues, and personal growth. Each month we also feature YOUNG, GIFTED AND TAKING OVER, a profile of a rising star with an inspiring success story.

The Reader
Target Market: LSM 4 to 10
Age Group: 18 to 34
The magazine’s target demographic is predominantly young, urban followers. They are young, ambitious, professional, creative and entrepreneurial. They are determined to “make it”- with or without tertiary education. They are very aware of themselves and of the world around them and are determined to make a statement. They aspire towards affluent living as a reward for their hard work. They are black, literate and relatively comfortable with technology. This consumer segment is talented and has great potential. They have big dreams and see the world differently, and they believe they can be a success.


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