14 September 2011

Biko- 'Some African cultural concepts'

This is an excerpt from the I write what I like book by Steve Bantu Biko. This paper is titled: 'Some African cultural concepts'

Since that unfortunate date - 1652 - we have been experiencing a process of acculturation. It is perhaps presumptuous to call it 'acculturation' because this term implies a fusion of different cultures.
In our case this fusion has been extremely one-sided. The two major cultures that met and 'fused' were the African Culture and the Anglo-Boer Culture.
Whereas the African culture was unsophisticated and simple, the Anglo-Boer culture had all the trappings of a colonialist culture and therefore was heavily equipped for conquest.
Where they could, they conquered by persuasion, using a highly exclusive religion that denounced all other Gods... Where it was impossible to convert, fire-arms were readily available and used to advantage.
Hence the Anglo-Boer culture was the more powerful culture in almost all facets. This is where the African began to lose a grip on himself and his surroundings.

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