04 January 2014

2014 Update

Greetings all!
My most sincere apologies for not updating this blog in such a long time. I will need assistance with an energetic and passionate individual to share the responsibilities of updating this blog, at least twice a month!

Update:the last update was made on the 14th of March 2012. At that stage I had started with a new job, financially rewarding and also stressful as crazy. I had since left that company and joined another company for a year. And now its 2014 and new opportunities are still presenting themselves.

In December 2011 I became a mom to an energy crammed young man, he is my life! May I please have updates from your side, to catch up?
Any new writings, events, success, and publications?? In 2013 I wrote an impressive poem, 2012 I did not produce any new material. My last original work was in July of 2011, I was pregnant at that particular time.
Work and motherhood took over, and I was scarce on social networks (twitter and facebook and this blog).

Lets revive this poetic fire and keep it burning as we start fresh and anew this year. I will post the material submitted to our email.

~Infinite Love!~

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