06 July 2011

JULY newsletter!! Hot off the press =)

Progressive greetings friends!

Hope you all are keeping the arts and literature fires burning around the globe.
With each new year, without fail, some start off with that list of objectives to accomplish during the year ahead. Now, with the first half behind us, we can reflect upon what we have achieved and on some unfinished business that we must still attend to.

I hope you have entered into the second half of the year with all cylinders burning. We can start off this half with thanksgiving to every situation that has affected us, and hope that we are better people through overcoming those circumstances. Give thanks for the good and the not so flattering times, there often is a lesson hidden in-between. What are YOU grateful for?

I’m grateful for the people that I’ve crossed paths with and have touched my life. Grateful for the platform given through the Afrikan Poets and Writers Facebook group.
Thank you to its creator, Emmanuel Ekosse and the members who have been with the movement since day 1, thank you for the support. Thank you for crossing over to the U write what U like blog. Thank you to all who contributed their writings to the AfroConscious journal (2010) and to those who’ve bought the publication, I hope you enjoy the work put into it with love! http://uwritewhatulike.blogspot.com/2010_12_01_archive.html

Thank you to Moses Shimo Seletisha for the translation of the short story “The rebirth of Kweku Ananse” by Kofi Anane Kyeremeh, into Sepedi. This will form part of the AfroConscious volume 2, COMING SOON! http://uwritewhatulike.blogspot.com/2011/07/pelego-ya-kweku-ananse-rebirth-of-kweku.html

What’s new with the blog
1. There is a link that shows the 3 most popular posts on the blog. Scroll down the UWWUL blog page.

2. You can also subscribe by email l to the blog so that when a new post has been made, you will be the first to receive it conveniently to your personal email address. (Your email address will remain private; your details are secure and will not be shared.)

3. Are you an Lesotho based poet/ writer/artist? Then get more info the the writing competition by clicking this link: http://uwritewhatulike.blogspot.com/2011/07/writing-contest-lesotho-based-artists.html Thank you Sechaba Keketsi for you untiring work in the Lesotho poetry field and for your contribution to the blog.

4 Click this link for info on the Jozi Book Fair 2011: http://uwritewhatulike.blogspot.com/2011/07/jozi-book-fair-2011.html

What are you reading? Here is the link to the book recommendation from Emma Arogundade, by author Ben Okri, titled A way of being free. http://uwritewhatulike.blogspot.com/2011/07/book-recommendation-ben-okri-way-of.html Thank you Emma! Have YOU read this book, do you want to share or recommend another book to us?

If you have any literature centred news/event/project you want to spread to many, you can become a contributor to the UWWUL blog and share it with multitudes.

Literally yours,

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