06 October 2010

About the project

U write what U like is a project that has been in planning since 2009, between Emmanuel Ekosse and Vuyokazi Yonke. The idea formed through the love for written and spoken word, as well as visual art.
We have identified the need for growth and long term sustainability of literature in Africa.
Through the Facebook group, Afrikan Poets and Writers, we have opened up a platform for new poets, authors and artists to voice and showcase their talents. The Facebook group comprises of many members,
across the African continent and abroad.

Our aim is to:
- unlock undiscovered creative writing talent amongst unpublished African writers, within Africa and those who may be abroad.
- allow new voices and fresh dialogue from the African youth to ensure the continuation of African writings, by and for Africans.
- build a bridge amongst writers from different African countries, as sharing our experiences will create a sense of unity and hopefully mutual understanding.
- for African youth to have that platform to express their thoughts and views with no inhibitions or constraints.
Everyone has a story. We provide the platform to share yours in your own words. Write what U like!

In June 2010, the blog, www.uwritewhatulike.blogspot.com, became live. Featuring poetry chosen from the posts uploaded by the members on the Afrikan Poets and Writer's discussion board.
The name U write what U like is inspired by the writings of Steve Biko.
There are set themes which writers can use as a guide for their writings, the themes vary from love, to heritage and we also allow the freestyle of writing.
The blog is marketed through the Facebook and Twitter mediums for exposure, and is receiving a steady flow of visitors.
The postings on the blog vary from poetry to non fiction, competitions and literary information.
On the blog we would only post excerpts of the work submitted, the rest would appear in the Journal.
We would print selected writings for the pilot project as a Journal for sale and use the proceeds into publication of the second series, prefferably with different authors.


U write what U like seeks to source the written work and the visual art in order to publish our combined work into a Journal.
Therefore we invite individuals to share with us their creativity, we accept creative writing and visual art from all contributors, irregardless of age, gender and nationality.
You can submit your written work- poetry, short story, articles, review, interview, and artwork, for review on the Afrikan Poets and Writers on Facebook. You can also submit your work email, uwritewhatulike@gmail.com.

Everyone has a story. Here is the platform to share yours in your own words. Write what U like!

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