09 September 2010

African Arts Institute Film-makers Competition

The African Arts Institute and Artists Unite as One Campaign use the arts to fight xenophobia.

On the 24th of September 2010, aspiring young film-makers and concerned individuals will come together on National Heritage Day to view thought-provoking short film pieces that address the current xenophobia crisis gripping our country post-world cup. This showcase will take place at the Labia Theatre, Orange Street, Cape Town and will take the form of a competition, which will be judged on the day of the showing, by professional film gurus and the public at large. The winner will come away with various prizes including a tour to the Cape Town Film Studios in Faure, and be part of the Artists Unite as One Campaign events.

The African Arts Institute, which focuses on building markets for African goods and creative services in South Africa with the added focus of promoting understanding and mutual respect between South Africans and immigrants from other African countries, encourages all aspiring young film-makers to submit their film pieces.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 10 September 2010, by 17h00

Submit your powerful films on Xenophobia in South Africa, or related themes around refugees, immigration, tolerance, human rights, conflict and democracy.

20-25min films on CD/DVD to be dropped off at African Arts Institute, 25 Commercial Street, Cape Town.


Six of the best films will be selected and shown at the Labia Theatre, Orange Street, Cape Town on Heritage day, 24 September 2010. Audience and Judges will vote for the best film and the winner will win various film-related prizes, mentorship programme plus a guided tour to the Cape Town Film Studios in Stellenbosch. The winner will also be automatically entered into Artists Unite as One campaign events which are being featured around the Western Cape to educate communities and heighten awareness around these issues.

VIEW & VOTE on 24 September 2010

Influential members of the South African arts and media community will be attending the showcase at the Labia Theatre, Orange Street, Cape Town, on Heritage Day, 24 September 2010, to view and vote on the best film shown.


This is your opportunity to get your work seen by our judging panel. Judges include representatives from the Durban International Film Festival and The Cape Film Commission/ Documentary Filmmakers Association, among others.

Be sure not to miss out. Stand up and be counted as concerned South Africans and Africans united as one.

For more information or to RSVP to this event, please contact: Patricia Matongo, AFAI showcase project manager at 073 246 3668 or e-mail pmatongo@yahoo.com.

About the African Arts Institute (AFAI)

The African Arts Institute's vision is for a vibrant, dynamic and sustainable African creative sector that contributes to development, human rights and democracy on the continent, and projects African aesthetics and intellectual content into the international arena.

The African Arts Institute also houses the Secretariat of the Arterial Network, a dynamic civil society network of individuals, institutions and funding partners working to support the effectiveness and growth of African arts and culture in civil society.

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