06 February 2012

Ethnicity by Mmaletuka 'BlackWidow' Mahalefele


To me what counts is ethnicity
The cultural diversity
That grounds and binds us to our ethnic diversity
Its not how you define it but how it defines you
Lead your life as you wish but you are entwined in the cultural and modern life feud
Its all home brewed like joala ba sesotho
Its you and that should not be an excuse
Nonetheless an option to delude yourself of the truth
Being black is an unending complexity
Let alone being defined through the hair on your head that’s perplexity
Ethnicity is not culture of mind
Excuses through mental slavery
Families of hate filled hearts combined as one
Ethnicity makes sense more than not yet we choose to derail the choice of meaning to our own
Ethnicity makes or breaks the beings we so wish we were
It makes raw the wounds of denial and we ponder the truths that never were
Oh what a fairytale of misconception and outrageous curiosities
I said we ponder truths that never were and make real the habits of bad mannerisms
Talk of a cliché
Ethnicity is more culture than tradition
Diversity makes true the meaning of ethnicity because culture is more than traditional backlogs
Its a way of life for individuals and their truth of thought
It makes us who we are
That is ethnicity, an undoubtedly cultural diversity

By Mmaletuka 'BlackWidow' Mahalefele.

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