03 October 2011

So What?

I am a young, patriotic South African. I am proud to be a descendent of this African continent.
The present state of affairs in South Africa and Africa as a whole causes my being to shudder.

Historically, we have been colonised, enslaved and oppressed. But our pride would not let us cower for longer. Many fought, and many laid their lives for the emancipation of oppressed citizens.
We followed democracy, and received the vote. But are we better off?

The new dispensation ushered forth the rise of the elite black, known as black diamonds. And the growing gap between the rich and the economically deprived. Ubuntu bethu is determined by your address, your Lambourghini and designer wear.

In the name of entertainment, We create senseless reality shows to glorify the lifestyle of excess. Eating sushi off scantily clad women, sitting in bath tubs filled with expensive champagne. We observe a young woman Ridiculing hard working women who wake up early to set up their trading stalls in the market, because they wont accept American currency and wont swipe your credit card. All in the name of entertainment the young woman disrespects women older than her, likening them to apes and Tarzan.

Darkies, have we completely lost the plot, our values, and sense of ubuntu?
Mr, Mrs, Miss Black Diamond, will it hurt to help build underprivileged communities.
Yes, you, Tendertrepeneurs. Will it hurt your pockets to dig down and donate to uplifting the area/community that is filling your coffers?
Mr, Mrs, Miss Politician will it hurt to try to bridge the gap of economic inequality?

Please wake up ubuntu benu. This is Africa!

Vuyokazi S Yonke

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