19 August 2011

At the Frontiers of war - Charles Ayo Dada


It was one of the weirdest battles
I had ever witnessed.
The battle line was drawn
And the foes
- A man and a woman -
Stepped up to the battle front.

The woman was wielding
A double-edged sword
And the man … a rose!

At the commencement of the battle
Their different weapons were raised
And on sighting the rose
The woman lowered her sword and wept.
Amidst her wails and sobs
She stretched forth her other arm
And cupped the rose in her palm.

There was jubilation…
The man erupted into a joyful dance!
On his return
He flung open his arms
Further bidding this loving woman into his embrace.

Just then her eyes glowed
With renewed determination!

She tightened her grip
On the hilt of the sword
And thrust it into the man’s heart!

“I must!” she cried
“I must!”

As the man fell to the ground
Clutching the handle of the sword in disbelief
She wailed out in a lonesome voice
“I love you… but I must!”

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