24 May 2011




The following poem has been extracted from the Boomslang Poetry Pack 1: SARIRA ( August 2000 – August 2007).

My admiration of nature in all her various forms
The thought of goodbye tyrannizes me
With a misery parallel to that which I have forever suffered
Watching John Q

On tranquil lands, beneath the galaxies
Of bliss
Under the peaceful palm trees’ shades
There is a mild pad of breeze
Soothing like the crack of dawn symphony
Love builds an empire, fixed in remembrance
Beyond price or value
My heart was perhaps the first to savour because it leapt
In seizure of desires

Basking the sun in freezing winter, with my heart far away
Beneath the lonesome murky nights
There lays a oasis
Bare thoughts stretch like horizons

As my psyche grew filthy opulent
My legs got caught up in a mortar and footprints were clearly evident
Only a blueprint of the mind, a symbol
Of an ample growth in the world like a baby opening its prisms


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