02 April 2011

Fox-faced Lambs

The following poem was published under the Poets Paradise column in a free Lesotho Weekly tabloid; Weekly Mail newspaper. Poets Paradise publishes poems weekly under the coordinating eye of Sechaba Keketsi aka Lyrical Bacteria. http://sechabalb.wordpress.com

The oblivion of a mentality demonstrating diplomacy
As her shield what is to be classified?
Day time angel and night time community
Sexual satisfaction instrument,
Pure, Conservative and submissive as she move
With an upright posture and straight back,

If she had another choice she would actually
Seize it, there`s nothing she would love more
Than breaking out of the sordid, liquor fragranced
Cocoon that life tossed her into

To shut her ears away from the piggy gasps
And breathes attained from ghastly and clumsy
Thrusts of her big bellied filthy
Rich and in fact dirty clients
As most referred to them
She would occupy her mind with thoughts
Of how she wished that scuffing floors would
Make an adequate amount of money to
Feed and clothe her siblings
Nevertheless always managed to suppress the actuality
That she was compromising herself for their wellbeing
"In this agony stay emotionless, you ought to bear this" she would say.
The front was actually who she is
©Lineo Nt’sohi

1 comment:

  1. Wow! What a poem, not only does it draw sad emotions but it cautions us about judging people when we don't know their situation. Thank you.


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