23 February 2011

Battlefield Of Life


I send you out to battlefield of life
To kiss the lips of victory not defeat
First dine with me
Let your concentration
Be your fork and knife
Lessons from grandmother’s whipping
Be your table manners
As I serve you this meal of life
“Man’s greatest weapon remains his mind
But if polished with misconceptions, keeps him blind
Seek no path in dark forests of stereotypes
Feed your compass from the well of wisdom
Do not follow majority, even with their funky hairstyles
As they seek to brainwash you, “that majority rules”
Beware of the sharks of betrayal
Mount your surveillance cameras as your judgment
Set it to right levels sensitivity
Treat everyman’s existence with respect
But refrain from dancing to rhythm of fear
Fear no man but respect all
Survival is of those who dance tango with their minds
At the right pace
Let minds intertwine, combine forces
For no man is a repository of wisdom
Share with your brethren, when necessity rises
No man is an Ireland
Pay no attention as temptation
Sways her voluptuous hips
To the rhythm of your enemies’ footsteps
As they run to feed
On your soul and sanity
Now and then pay ciphers a visit
Drop a verse or two
Only when the beat boxer
Understands your goal and pace of life.
©Sechaba Keketsi

1 comment:

  1. Mind blowing literally!! no commentary can describe what this piece evokes..

    Pure Fire! Sechaba - keep em coming.


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