25 January 2011

New Contributor- Tallowah

Greetings all!

With Infinite FanFare, it gives me much pleasure to introduce you to our latest contributor to the U write what u like blog: Phindile Tallowah Suntsha.

Tallowah is the "Moral Regeneration Activist" and Executive Officer of Tallowah Productions.
Follow her personal blog: http://empresstallowah.blogspot.com for more inspiration.

She is also on Facebook and it was a blessed day when we became acquainted with each other through the Facebook Matrix this year. Her status updates are always geared to uplift you and inspire you to achieve and reach your greatness. You, as you are, are DIVINE, accept your divinity!

Below find her first contribution!

Love and Light!
Cape Town

It is time for us to re-assess where we are in order for us to be clear of where we are going. We need to understand where we come from and why we came from there and this will enable us to understand why we are where we are.
When we went through hardships in our past, we were troubled but when we re-assess, we understand that it all happened to train us for the present moment. The present moment is depended on the past. Whatever we are now, whatever we think and say will determine where we will be in future.
Now with this understanding, we can clearly re-assess our current situation. We will understand what kind of habits and thought patterns have brought us to this moment or situation. Are we happy about our current moment or situation?

It is the beginning of the year and this is a good time to assess ourselves because we know us better than anyone. It is a great time to start afresh, do things anew and gain new insights about ourselves.
The only time is now, the next second or breath is not guaranteed.


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